Sunday Long Run Day

I ended up with 22,760 steps yesterday, a new record for me!


I didn’t think my legs felt tired today until I started running. One mile in & I said to myself, “Oh man, I’m in trouble” but, after another mile, I was feeling a little more positive. I think it was more of a mental thing. Once I stopped thinking about it & started paying attention to the beautiful scenery & got lost in thought, I didn’t think anymore about my legs being tired. In fact, I ended up going 7.5 miles & it was a great run. 🙂


When I got home, I did some stretching & foam rolling, & I’m feeling pretty good.

I don’t really have any plans for the rest of the day, other than some cleaning & hanging out with these guys.


The rule in our house is that you must have at least two animals in your lap at all times, sometimes three.


Oh, & I can’t stop watching How The Universe Works on Netflix. It’s fascinating & I’m kind of a nerd.

How are you spending this beautiful Sunday? At least, I hope it’s beautiful wherever you are!


3 thoughts on “Sunday Long Run Day

    • The Fitbit is pretty cool. I like knowing how many steps I get in a day, & I really like the sleep tracking feature. My Garmin has a heart rate monitor & I also have a Polar heart rate monitor.

      How The Universe Works was a mini-series that was on the Discovery channel & it’s on Netflix now. It explains how the universe was formed starting with the Big Bang. It’s really interesting!

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