8 Mile Run – Check

I have to admit I was a little nervous about today’s run, but it went very well & I didn’t have the muscle tightness around my knee like I did last weekend. I’m going to continue to be diligent with my PT exercises & hopefully I can continue to increase distance without any issues.

I ran a new route around the surrounding neighborhoods & it felt like those 8 miles flew by. In fact, my legs felt like they could have kept going forever. I love runs like that!


I slowed it down a bit because it was hot out there today. My heart rate was elevated & I don’t think I hydrated well enough. Also, I was an idiot & forgot to apply sunscreen. My sunscreen is now going right next to my Garmin so that doesn’t happen again. I only got slightly burnt on my nose & cheeks, but I’ve got some crazy tan lines going on now.

I made another smoothie when I got home, chocolate peanut butter strawberry banana!


So yummy!

There was an article in Women’s Health about how pets have a positive impact on your health.


I should be really healthy since I have five! Ha!

Speaking of pets, my husband & I are getting ready to take the dogs on a walk, so I should have a really high step count for today. 🙂


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