Must Get More Sleep

This has been a rough week. I’ve been working overtime at work & even though I’m super tired when I get home, it takes me a long time to wind down. I’m definitely not getting enough sleep. There really needs to be more hours in a day.

Today’s (technically yesterday’s) workout (I’m a little late) was a 4.5 mile run, strength training (hips & glutes), & those PT exercises I talked about in my last post.


I did try to take a short nap, but here is what happens.


That’s a 90 lb lab on top of me. Ellie does not understand the meaning of personal space.

This has been my new favorite thing this week.


Iced caramel macchiato coffee! I love my Keurig!

What is your favorite coffee drink?


2 thoughts on “Must Get More Sleep

  1. I really don’t like (read:hate) coffee. I don’t know anyone else who feels so strongly about coffee. I love when big dogs think that they’re lap dogs! It’s the cutest!!

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