Be Confident



2 thoughts on “Be Confident

  1. Very true, but when we are in a bad situation, doesn’t it help to look to others and be inspired to do as they have done to change their lives? Like weight loss, if we’re content with “us” at that point and view running , eating healthy, and working out as weaknesses, then nothing will change? Is it possible to turn our weaknesses into our strengths? (i.e. Hate hill running, then through constant hill workouts we find that we run up hills faster than other people.) I may just be looking at this quote too literally. Very inspirational how you’ve transformed your body and life. Congratulations! (BTW, always nice to see another Indiana run blogger.)

    • Thank you! I was just thinking about this in terms of running for myself. I’m not a fast runner, & I will never win a race. I can’t compare my performance to that of others. This is something I struggle with being an INFJ personality type & a perfectionist. I have to focus on being the best runner that I can be, & be content with beating my previous best time.

      I completely get what you’re saying though, & I agree. 🙂

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