Today was cross training & strength training. I did 4 miles on the elliptical, 2.5 miles on the stationary bike, strength training (legs), & three 1 min planks (both sides & regular). I did not feel like working out at all today! I had my alarm set for 10am but kept telling myself I’d just sleep a little bit longer & a little bit longer.. until I finally rolled out of bed at noon, feeling like crap, & here is why..


I’ve been sleeping this horribly just about every night through the week. I can’t seem to get a good night’s sleep. I’d love to be able to get at least 7 hours but it’s usually 5-6.

Back to my workout that I really didn’t feel like doing, once I got going I was feeling it & completely forgot how tired I was, which is usually the case. I also find that the day after a rest day is when I’m least motivated to workout. It also probably didn’t help that the last thing I ate last night was a giant slice of deluxe deep-dish pizza, not exactly proper fuel for an intense workout. I feel so much better when I eat healthy foods, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying not so healthy foods every now & then.. okay, every weekend. Ha!

Today I listened to my favorite Pandora station while working out, 90’s country! I seriously love 90’s country music! It makes me feel so happy. People usually associate country music with sad, slow songs, but almost all of the songs on this station are upbeat & I just skip the few that aren’t. Some of my faves from today..


I will leave you with some pics I took from my workout.


I love planks & you should, too! They will make your core rock solid!


There’s nothing like the feeling after a great workout! Ahhhh..


Total workout time & calories burned..


Now I will be spending the rest of the day snuggling with my furbabies & watching Season 2 of The Killing on Netflix. šŸ™‚



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